Welcome to Stony Creek Canine Academy & Dog Grooming!


Here at Stony Creek we offer dog training, ranging from Obedience, to different levels of Agility, as well as Dog Grooming. Our instructors have been trained in the fields that they teach and our groomer has been grooming for over 15 years. We also host many dog events during the spring & summer months and encourage spectators to come and watch! Details are located on the Upcoming shows page. Many of the competitors are our very own students. Maybe you could be competing with your pet someday!

Stony Creek Canine Academy & Dog Grooming is a family owned and operated business. The academy was opened in 2000 and the grooming shop was opened in December 2005. Our family is centered around dogs. We raise English Shepherds & Leonbergers, and train and show them in Obedience, Agility & Conformation. We have various activities during the year including normal obedience, agility training & conformation handling classes, dog seminars, agility trials & conformation shows. Spectators are welcome to most of these events.

Dog Grooming

Stony Creek offers grooming for all breeds of dogs! We offer friendly & affordable grooming to existing and new clients. Grooming appointments are booked Monday thru Saturday by appointment only. Early afternoon appointments are available by request.

Obedience Classes
Obedience classes are a good idea for all dogs regardless of breed, age or size. Some people may know how to train their dogs to sit, down, etc. but obedience classes are also very good socialization for the dogs. Lack of socialization can lead to separation anxiety and aggression towards other dogs and people. The classes are to design to teach your dogs better "people skills" when greeting other people & animals, to help with any housebreaking issues, and to help with and annoying or destructive behavior. For more information on our obedience please go to the Obedience page. 

Agility Classes
What is agility?
Agility is where a dog runs through an obstacle course. Almost all dogs, big and small, enjoy agility. This sport is based on activities that are natural to dogs - running, jumping, going through things such as tunnels, etc. It is the kind of activity that dogs recognize as part of their "heritage". The fact that their owner participates as well makes it even better!