Stony Creek Dog Grooming Shop

Randi Ross-Golembiewski, co-owner of Stony Creek Dog Grooming, 
has been grooming for 20 years.She started out bathing dogs at a
grooming shop when she was about 14 years old and began
grooming within the years to come. Randi has a lot of experience
grooming a wide variety of breeds. She can groom most breeds
to their standard and/or modify the set standard to your liking
or needs. She can help you identify what your pet's individuals
grooming needs are. In addition to grooming, Randi has been
around dogs all of her life, training and showing them since she
was a little kid back in 4-H. All grooming is done in the red building
by the road.

Randi & Skamp May 2010


Our tub is suited for all dogs, regardless of age or breed.
The tub features a door and retractable steps underneath
to make it easier for dogs to get in and out of the tub and
also uses the HyrdoSurge bathing System.

"Kitty" a Great Dane.

"Woofer" a 10 week old Leonberger puppy.

We always suggest bringing your puppy in for grooming at an early age.
The ealier you start the better in the long run. Even if your puppy doesn't
need a haircut or anything, bringing him or her in for just a bath and nail
trim will help get your puppy socialized to the grooming process and make
things less stressful on them in the long run!

"Maggie" a toy poodle.

"Skamp" a Wheaton.

Dog Grooming Appointment Hours
Monday - Friday
9:30 am - whenever the last dog leaves


9:30 am - whenever the last dog leaves

Our Services
  • We offer full grooms, bath & brushes, breed standard grooms, shave downs, trims ups, etc.
  • All dogs will have their ears cleaned and nails trimmed.
  • We offer some afternoon appointments.
  • We use the hyrdosurge bathing system which combines the shampoo with the water. This helps the shampoo penetrate deep down to the skin, especially on thick coated dogs.  
  • We offer flea baths, medicated and oatmeal baths, skunk baths and we can also use your own shampoo if needed.
  • We offer FURminator - shedless treatment which severely cuts back on shedding.
  • $10 walk-in nail trims (please call to see if we are open).
  • All dogs are washed in warm water and receive fresh towels in their crates while drying.
  • All towels and crates are throughly washed before use.
  • Grooming shop is throughly cleaned at least 1-2 times a week with mild cleaning daily.
  • All grooming equipment is sanitized between dogs.
  • Drinking water can be offered if needed.


We have all size crates for while the dogs are drying, etc.

"Beaumont" a Springer.

"Kitty" a Great Dane.